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At GLP Capital Partners, you’ll reach your full potential

A culture that respects what’s important

Our most valuable assets are our people. So, we look for leaders with integrity and principle that have extraordinary character to match their extraordinary abilities. Together, they make our company what it is and create a culture that distinguishes us and guides us through a set of common values.

You’ll see it in the deep respect shown for each employee, investor and community member. In the way we give trust to earn trust and prize win/win relationships. And in our humble, disciplined approach to building something new and extraordinary.

Why work for us?

An amazing team. Limitless opportunities. An organization that empowers and rewards its teams. If you’re ready to realize your potential, and help propel the new economy forward, join us today.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We embrace and encourage the differences that make our employees unique. After all, we believe those differences are what makes our company unique, too.

From recruitment to professional development to social programs, we’re committed to fostering a culture that’s diverse, fair and inclusive. Here, respectful communication and collaboration is a given. That allows us to lean in and bring our differing perspectives together to uncover new opportunities.

Job posting alert

Due to a rise in fraudulent job postings and offers on various websites, we urge you to please use caution and only apply for desired employment with GCP through legitimate job sites, including our corporate careers page.

Some common signs that a job posting/offer is a scam include:

  • Request for interview via Telegram or other third-party platforms
  • Request for Social Security Number or financial information
  • Request to cash fraudulent checks and monetary transfers
  • Correspondence from e-mail accounts such as Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail
  • Misspellings and grammatical errors
  • Failure to list a specific location for the job
  • “Get rich quick” language

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