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Committed to investing responsibly

Paving the way for progress

We believe we have a duty to use our platform to support positive change in the world. So we act purposefully to minimize our impact on the environment, build productive relationships in the communities in which we work, and help everyone reach their full potential.

Prioritizing ESG

As a company, we hold a mirror up to ourselves each day and focus on staying true to our core values. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies reflect our commitment to stakeholders – to always be responsible investors and incorporate ESG priorities into our decision making throughout the lifecycle of our investments.

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Minimizing climate change and our impact on the environment is a key part of our mission. Through engagement and coordinated action, we aim to continually improve sustainability in our company and across our portfolio of investments. 

Our sustainability principles

  • Build businesses and invest responsibly
  • Govern with high ethics and transparency
  • Develop, manage and monitor more sustainable assets
  • Improve efficiency and enhance value
  • Promote well-being


Whether we’re creating safe, healthy work environments, assisting in employee career development, or engaging in community initiatives such as food banks and job training programs, caring for people (both ours and others) is a primary focus.


Integrity and ethics are embedded in our DNA and reinforced through our training, education and culture. It’s why we have an uncompromising commitment to strong corporate governance, high ethical standards, and transparency with stakeholders. 

Maximizing our reach

Through our charitable foundation, we apply our resources where we think they can do the most good.  

Our aim is simple: build a more respectful, equitable and sustainable society through meaningful, real-world engagement.   

Many of our efforts address the very real disparities that impact vulnerable communities. To address these disparities, we’re working to ensure that basic life necessities – healthcare, nutrition, digital infrastructure and more – are accessible to all. 

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