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GLP Capital Partners announces new structure as dedicated global alternative asset manager focused on investing in high-growth, new economy sectors

February 7, 2023

GLP Capital Partners (“GCP”) today has approximately $125 billion in total assets under management worldwide

SINGAPORE, 7 February 2023 – GLP Capital Partners Limited (“GCP”) today announced its new structure as a dedicated global alternative asset manager that invests primarily through real asset and private equity strategies. GCP invests across high conviction and fast-growing new economy sectors such as logistics, data centers, renewable energy and related technologies.

GCP was formed when GLP Pte Ltd (“GLP”) reorganized and transferred its global fund management business to GCP. At the same time, GCP also combined with GLP Capital Partners LP (“GLPCP”), a US-based investment advisor1. These collective transactions resulted in the formation of GCP as a separate entity and a pure play global alternative asset manager.

Originally launched in 2011 as GLP’s fund management business, GCP has a decade-long history of performance, growth and diversification across products and geographies. The business has increased total AUM at a 26% compound annual growth rate since 20112, to approximately $125 billion today across real assets and private equity and is the largest Asia-based manager of real estate funds and the fourth largest globally3.

In addition to investing and managing third-party capital, GCP is the exclusive investment and asset manager of GLP and its balance sheet on a perpetual and discretionary basis, and GLP continues to provide differentiated property management and other services to GCP and its funds through a long-term services agreement. This gives GCP proprietary management over GLP’s balance sheet, as well as GLP’s integrated operating platform. Despite now being separate legal entities, GCP and GLP have a long-shared history and culture and continue to leverage their combined capabilities to create a powerful and unique ecosystem and value proposition for the benefit of their investors, customers and each other.

Ming Z. Mei, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GLP, has assumed the role of Executive Chairman of GCP. He will also continue in his role as CEO of GLP. Alan Yang, who most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of US investment advisor GLPCP and previously as Chief Investment Officer of GLP, has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of GCP. In addition, GCP has established a deeply experienced executive management committee and a high-quality board of directors, the majority of whom are independent.

“We are thrilled to be leveraging the powerful and complementary strengths of GLP as a business builder, developer, owner and operator with GCP’s investment and asset management expertise in a differentiated approach that’s unique in the alternative asset management space,” said Alan Yang. “Our new structure puts us in a position to grow GCP into one of the only truly global alternative asset managers with both a leading presence in Asia and a track record of scale and success in the US, Brazil and Europe.”

“Since founding GLP in 2009, we have never stopped pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” added Ming Mei. “Under this new structure, with GCP and GLP working side-by-side, GLP is strategically positioned to continue to identify, build and scale businesses in sectors that we believe are transforming the global economy.”

As of 31 December 2022, GCP manages 46 funds investing in major world economies and has approximately 550 employees, including more than 200 investment professionals, operating through 31 locations in nine countries around the world.

More information on GCP’s value proposition, vision, culture and new brand platform can be found at


About GLP Capital Partners
GLP Capital Partners is a leading global alternative asset manager that focuses on thematic investing across real assets and private equity. With approximately $125 billion in total assets under management across 46 funds as of 31 December 2022, GLP Capital Partners has a strong history of leadership in high-growth Asian markets and a track record of success at scale in the US, Brazil and Europe. GLP Capital Partners is the exclusive investment and asset manager of GLP. To learn more about GLP Capital Partners, visit

About GLP
GLP is a leading global business builder, owner, developer and operator of logistics real estate, data centers, renewable energy and related technologies. GLP’s deep expertise and operational insights allow it to build and scale high-quality businesses and create value for its customers. GLP owns and operates assets and businesses in 17 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. GLP Capital Partners, a global alternative asset manager with approximately $125 billion in assets under management as of 31 December 2022, is the exclusive investment and asset manager of GLP. To learn more about GLP, visit

Investor contact
Craig A. Duffy

Media contacts
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1 GLP Capital Partners LP (“GLPCP”) was spun out of GLP in 2019, following GLP’s sale of 180M square feet of logistics real estate assets from three of its US funds. This $18.7 billion sale was the largest private real estate transaction at that time.
2 Establishment of GLP’s legacy fund management business, now part of GCP, in 2011
3 Preqin, “2021 Preqin Global Real Estate Report.” As mentioned by total capital raised for private real estate funds from 2011 to 2021.

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